Do You (Really) Know Your Brand's Legacy?

For whiskey fans that read bottles or travel to distilleries, the story of a brand brings them closer to the spirits they love. It is one of the reasons so many new distilleries are bringing back historic names. It is shocking how many new and historic distilleries engage their fans with famous old brands, yet they either know little about the brand or they perpetuate the lore surrounding it. Not only does this create missed opportunities, it can also become a liability.

Whiskey History Books Aren't Always Your Friend

Unfortunately, many whiskey history books, newspapers, Wikipedia articles, and brand legends are filled with lazy research and it is very easy for brands to fall into a trap of building a story around false facts, sometimes leading to embarrassing or damaging situations. Traditionally there was a cavalier attitude around researching whiskey history. For 19th century researchers brands were just evolving and history was more written to create a narrative rather than providing a true account. In the 20th and 21st centuries a handful of scholars have attempted to make sense of the history of whiskey but some fall into regional biases and others into speculation.

A New Generation Demands Transparency

As the information age continues to evolve, younger generations are seeking transparency in everything from labeling to production and are becoming more and more opposed to old school marketing techniques. Unfortunately, most of the whiskey industry still lives in the legends and lore of the past, setting them up for fan disappointment.

How Drew Hannush and Whiskey Lore Can Help?

If you have listened to the Whiskey Lore podcast, you will be aware of three things - Drew Hannush's passion for the uncovering the real history of whiskey, his love of telling real stories, and the wide scope of his research beyond one or two countries or styles. It is possible for you to research old newspapers and go through some old advertisements and articles to craft a narrative for your brand, but when Drew does it, he brings his wealth of knowledge about whiskey's past and can help put things in context.

Not only will he provide all the background information and reference footnotes, he can craft a brand history guide to help your marketing department firm up their message; he can help find authentic special release opportunities; he can help your tour guides tell unique and authentic stories; and he can spot potential landmines in your brand's past that can help you control the narrative if these things are revealed.

Is Your Brand Worth the Investment?

With the world seeking the truth, and a great resource like Drew Hannush available to dig in, isn't it time to have some serious research done on the brand you have invested so much money and time into?

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