Interview: Seth Benhaim of Broken Barrel Whiskey

While out in California hunting down Pre-Prohibition whiskey, I had the opportunity to talk to Seth about Broken Barrel, Mizunara Oak, Edgar Allen Poe, and the Isle of Peat.

Interview: Colin Spoelman (Distiller and Author of Dead Distillers)

A casual chat between two whiskey history buffs. And Colin is not just an author, he is also the co-founder and distiller at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn.

Interview: Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery

An 11th generation distillery with Irish roots and some wild times in the moonshining hills of Eastern Kentucky.

Interview: Jimmy Rout all about Memphis, Blues, and Juke Joints

Learn about the rebirth of Beale Street, whiskey, blues, and juke joints in Memphis from Shelby County Historian Jimmy Rout.

Interview: McCauley Williams, CEO of Blue Note Bourbon

From a career as an attorney to crafting whiskey, we talk the ins and outs of Memphis blues, BBQ, the Delta, and of course bourbon and rye whiskey.

Interview: Steve Bashore of George Washington's Distillery (Upstairs)

We talk about recreating history and I get to sample some rye whiskey made with the tools and techniques of the 18th century.

Interview: Steve Bashore of George Washington's Distillery (Downstairs)

Steve gives me a tour of George Washington's Distillery at Mount Vernon and shows me how distilling was done in the 18th century.

Dr. Jim Ambuske and Jeanette Patrick of the Washington Library

Join me for my visit to Mount Vernon and my discussion about the first president and his relationship to whiskey.

Will Pitchforth of Bladnoch Distillery

Talking Lowland Scotch, mothballed distilleries, and tasting Bladnoch 10 and Samara.

Jim Massey of Fugitives Spirits

Join me as I talk with Fugitives Spirits' co-founder about helping Tennessee agriculture through Tennessee whiskey.

Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest

In just four years, Fawn Weaver has gone from New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur to starting the Nearest Green Foundation and a whiskey brand Uncle Nearest - and all because of a trip to Singapore. Hear her incredible story.

Nelson Eddy of Jack Daniel's Distillery

Did kicking a safe really kill Jack Daniel? Is Sinatra buried with a bottle of Jack? And who was Nathan "Nearest" Green? Lots of legends and truths to uncover as I speak with Jack Daniel's chief historian.

Ron Gallagher of Virginia City

Hear about the Bucket of Blood, Ponderosa, Shooting Gallery, and take a virtual walk around Virginia City with a resident and local historian whose family has lived there since the 1860s.

Ashley and Colby Frey of Frey Ranch

What do you get when you put together a 160 year old farming tradition together with creative distilling? LIsten as I chat with Ashley and Colby Frey about their farm-to-glass four grain bourbon.

Andy Nelson of Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

Two brothers stumble upon a historic marker with thier last name on it. And the rebirth of a legendary Tennessee whiskey began.

Michael Myers of Colorado's Distillery 291

From New York fashion photographer to starting a whiskey distillery in Colorado - quite the road for Michael Myers of Colorado Springs based 291 Distillery.

Al Young of Four Roses

Four Roses has a fascinating history and one of the people involved in that history was Al Young, Distillery Manager and Brand Ambassador. Hear him talk about the legacy of the whiskey.

The Dant Family of Log Still Distillery

Having just announced their first bourbon and gin brand "Monk's Road," it seems like the perfect time to release the full interview I had with Wally, Charles, and Lynne Dant from one year ago. Hear their plans for Log Still Distillery.

Steve Beam of Limestone Branch and Yellowstone

Steve and I talk about the Beam and Dant family histories, Yellowstone's legacy, and discuss how he and his brother Paul started a distillery.

Jim and Big Chief of The Bourbon Road Podcast

Listen as Drew joins Jim Shannon and Mike "Big Chief" Hiatt on The Bourbon Road podcast. We'll sip some Angel's Envy Cask Strength and Shackleton Single Malt Whisky.

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