Interview: Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery

An 11th generation distillery with Irish roots and some wild times in the moonshining hills of Eastern Kentucky.

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Show Notes

When you start planning your trip to bourbon country, you will have a lot of unique choices of distillery experiences. One of the most unique is Neeley Family Distillery. Listen as I chat with an 11th generation distiller with roots back to Ireland and through Pennsylvania. 

Distillery Royce Neeley will tell us his family's journey to the new world, how it got to Kentucky, and some of the dangers the family faced. We'll also discuss some of the very unique processes they use in making their award winning whiskey and moonshine.

  • The first of 11 generations
  • Copper pot still from Ireland
  • George Washington slept there
  • From Pennsylvania to Virginia to Kentucky
  • Neeleys and the Allans, the Hatfields and McCoys
  • Moonshiners to Bootleggers
  • Shootout at Neeley Fork
  • 1900 Colt Prototype
  • When moonshining really took off
  • The mountains as an ideal location for moonshiners
  • Wild yeast
  • Dick Stoll and Bomburgers
  • Why cypress and stainless steel?
  • Sweet mash vs sour mash
  • Royce's first still
  • Moonshine, it's a family tradition


Transcript available this week.

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