Whiskey Lore Journal

Whiskey Comparison: Old Grand Dad 114 v Glenn's Creek Stave + Barrel

Time for some high heat competition. Two very high proof bourbons. The results were very interesting.

Whisk(e)y Comparison: Auchentoshan American Oak v Writer's Tears Double Oak

Two very interesting whiskies (or is that whiskeys) that cross styles. The Irish whiskey uses a technique that is more related to scotch - and the scotch is distilled in the Irish tradition. Love the experimentation.

Whiskey Comparison: Henry McKenna v Elijah Craig v Evan Williams BiB

A battle royale between three products all using Heaven Hill's bourbon rye mash bill. But each of these whiskeys is a different age, was stored differently, and have very different price points. I'll give my blind tasting results and we'll find out if I agree with your votes.

Whisky Comparison: Suntory's Toki v Jura 10

Going between the island of Japan and the Isle of Jura.

Whisky Comparison: George Dickel 12 v George Dickel Bottled-In-Bond

Trying out two Tennessee Sour Mash whiskies with the same corn heavy mash bill, both from Tullahoma, Tennessee and Cascade Hollow Distillery.

Whisky Comparison: Kitchomen Sanaig v Compass Box Peat Monster

Trying out two non-age statement peaty whiskies I received in my Flaviar tasting box.