Macallan Bottle

What Makes a Whisky Cost $50,000 or More?

Recently a Macallan whisky was announced to hold a $58,000 per bottle price tag.

There are a lot of reasons a 67 year old whisky will cost an incredible amount.

The first is the rarity of it. It is actually very difficult to have a whisky live for 67 years in a cask. In Scotland, 1 to 2 percent of the whisky in a barrel evaporates per year. A ten year old cask will likely yield around 200 bottles of whisky. By the time a cask gets over 50 years, you’ve basically got maybe 10–15% of the barrel with liquid still in it. By 67 years, you’re likely getting just a few bottles of whisky out of a barrel. So, part of the cost is to make up for all of the loss through evaporation.