Chattanooga Whiskey Vintage Series Bottled-in-Bond Fall 2017

About Chattanooga Bottled-in-Bond Vintage Series Fall 2017

The world of craft distilling allows for a lot of experimentation and Chattanooga has taken that to heart by having a second distillery that does nothing but experimentation. So it is always fun to see what head distiller Grant McCracken comes up with next.

And following on this Summer's release of the Bottled-in-Bond Vintage Series Spring 2017 bottling, comes the Fall edition. And this one has all the right notes going on for a foray into Autumn. A little coffee cake drizzled with a caramel sauce, yet a nice tobacco finish with a hint of smoke that will leave you looking to light up your favorite cigar.

A creative whiskey that - like its predecessor - is a marriage of four different mashbills.


  • Origin: Chattanooga Whiskey Distillery (Tennessee)
  • Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Mash Bill: 18% B004 (Yellow Corn, Peated Malted Barley, Naked Malted Oats, Honey Malted Barley), 36.5% B005 (Yellow Corn, Malted Wheat, Caramel Malted Wheat, Oak Smoked Malted Wheat), 36.5% SB055 (Yellow Corn, Malted Rye, Double Roasted Caramel Malted Barley, Pale Chocolate Malted Barley), 9% SB091 (Yellow Corn, Malted Rye, Caramel Malted Barley, Honey Malted Barley)
  • Barrels: Toasted and New Charred Oak
  • Finish: None
  • ABV: 50%
  • Age: At least 4 years
  • Color: 0
  • Price Range: $50

On the Nose (Scents & Experience):

  • Brown sugar, butterscotch, crème brûlée, nutty hazelnut, peppery white rice, apple, wine characteristic

Mouthfeel:  Medium, thick

On the Palate (Flavors & Experience):

  • Vanilla, cherry, chocolate, tobacco, lemon cake

The Finish (Flavors & Experience):

  • Hazelnut, tobacco with smoke, juicy cherry cola, lemon rind, dark chocolate, light pepper
  • Length: Medium

Overall Impression

As with the 111, this whiskey does nicely when sipped neat. Yes, it has an elevated ABV, but you really don't pick that up (except maybe on the nose where you might not want to put your nose all the way into the glass). This has a beautiful mouthfeel when it hits your palate and a bit of hazelnut follows you throughout the experience, but this by no means a one dimensional bourbon. There are plenty of complex flavors to seek out. My tasting experience on this one was actually different between the first pours at the distillery and when I got it home. The finish gives a little pepper, but this is where the tobacco lingers and that hint of smoke emerges.

In a Word: