George Dickel is the second most famous Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey. It has an interesting history and features a lovely, out of the way campus known as the Cascade Hollow Distillery. Makes sure you have good GPS.

About the George Dickel Distillery Tour

  • Location: Tullahoma, TN
  • Impression: Out in the country and not well marked. Make sure you download maps for your GPS if necessary. Tour was good but I sensed without much competition, it was a bit more slack on details.
  • Website: Tour Information
  • Cost: I paid $10 for the tour. 
  • Samples: 4 Selections including White Dog, George Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky #8, #12 and Barrel Select.
  • Perks: Because our tasting was delayed, we got an extra taste. It was the George Dickel Tabasco whiskey. You can also send a postcard for free from the "post office" within the Visitor's Center.
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tennessee cascade hollow george dickel distillery


  • That's actually the 1908 Detroit Tigers hat (for shame!), it was a Ty Cobb era hat. In fact, they went to the series that year...and lost.
  • The drive in from I-24 to Tullahoma is gorgeous. I stopped to take a picture and a helpful local thought I had broken down and offered to help. 
  • While we're talking about messing up historical facts, this was one of the most confusing tours in terms of understanding the history of the company and it's namesake. After looking it up, it still settles very little. George was a distributor in Nashville, not a distiller. His company invested in a distillery in Cascade Hollow and became the sole distributor. I heard something about this being Dickel's recipe but since he just sold Cascade Hollow's whiskey and he wasn't a distiller, it sounds a bit like a tall tale.  Maybe he was just a mixer of liquor, but I don't know how you recreate that "recipe."
  • Also, I think all of those bourbon distilleries being so close together keeps the guides on their toes. I was surprised at how sometimes questions that I'd heard answers to over and over in Kentucky, were not known here. 
  • It was also mentioned that they do cold-filtering here because they found out through experimentation that it makes the whiskey better. Jack Daniel's does not cold-filter while running through charcoal according to that guide. Does that mean Dickel is better?  I'll leave the tasting and judgment up to you. I couldn't pick it out. Jack Daniel's also uses sugar maple for the charcoal. 
  • Interesting that they said during the tour that a lot of years on a Sour Mash Whiskey isn't really necessary. But then they promoted their "lost" 17 year bottles. As I said, kind of a confusing tour at times.
  • The first sign I saw for the distillery was on my way out. It's not very well marked. Make sure it's Cascade Hollow Distillery (the official name of the distillery where George Dickel is made) that you're going to.

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