"The World Is Not Enough" Plot

Elektra King (Sophie Marceau) is assisted by a madman (Robert Carlisle) in her goal to corner the oil market.

Whiskey Lore Review

This is the one movie where I break with a LOT of people. Over and over I see this listed as one of the worst Bond films. The only thing I can point to is Christmas Jones (Denise Richards). I get it, she is one of the worst actors to play a part in a Bond film and definitely the worst Bond girl. But should she alone pull this whole movie down? There is so much to like, if you only ignore her.

After a full featured intro, we get a very Bond theme from Garbage and the oil theme built into the opening graphics. David Arnold again shows his brilliance with a score. We get to see MI6's Scottish headquarters at one of my favorite castles Eilean Donan Castle (where they also filmed Highlander). Sadly, that really cool interior was a set at Pinewood Studios. Electra King is a dynamite almost Bond girl but definitely villain with Robert Carlisle ultimately being secondary to her. The story line could seem a rehash, with someone trying to corner the market in something - but it works well here and doesn't seem old and tired.

As for Pierce, as always he is at the top of his game. Yes, his a womanizer, "whatever the doctor orders," but that is Bond. He's always a sharp dresser, great comedic timing, and the sex scene with Electra is the steamiest of the franchise. Yet he is a cold blooded killer when he needs to be.

Best of the movie: Like No Time To Die, the opening scene is almost a movie unto itself. From the office in Balbao, Spain, where Bond has to jump out of the window with a rope tied around an unconscious man, to the Talisker that alerts him to a bomb, the frantic run through MI6 trying to stop the bomb (they do like blowing up that cool MI6 building in this series), to stealing Q's fishing boat (a little campy at times but definitely entertaining and great views of London), and jumping on the hot air balloon, only to fall on the O2 roof.

Memorable moment: A tie between Elektra King's medeval torture chair and when she says to Bond that he can't kill her.

Where it goes wrong: Christmas Jones, enough said.⁠

Paired Whisky: Talisker 10 Highland Single Malt Whisky

I paired this with Talisker 10 because it just so happens to be in this film - and is strangely the first scotch to appear in a Bond film - thanks to an English woman and Irish man. ⁠

Whiskey Lore Rank: #7 (Score 7.65) > Next Movie

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