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Whiskey Comparison: Nelson's Green Brier v Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey

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It's time to take a historic brand and put it up against what sounds like a historic brand. Two Tennessee Whiskeys with similar characteristics but much different flavor profiles.

Whiskey Comparison: S.E. Callahan's vs Junction 35 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Driving through the hills of East Tennessee, a variety of craft distilleries reveal themselves. What is surprising is how many of them are choosing bourbon over Tennessee whiskey. But maybe it's not so surprising.

Whisky Comparison: Deanston 12 v Glen Garioch 12

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The tale of two un-chill filtered Highland Single Malts, a couple of movies, and a way to get those scents down if the whisky isn't immediately hitting your nose.

Whisky Comparison: Hibiki Japanese Harmony vs Nikka Coffey Grain

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I am slowly learning more and more about Japanese whisky. In this episode I taste two big sellers. One is a blend and the other a corn whisky. And yes, I fought the urge to say "It's Suntory time!"

Whisky Tasting 101 with Richard Paterson of Whyte & McKay

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While in Glasgow, I had a chance to interview Richard "the Nose" Paterson, Master Blender of Whyte and McKay for my episodes about Sir Ernest Shackleton and the bottle of 100 year old whisky that Richard had the honor to match in a blend.

During the recording, I asked him if he would share his tasting technique and he jumped right in, so I decided to pull the camera phone out and capture it for you.

Whisk(e)y Comparison: Yellowstone vs Old Forester 100 Proof

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Early Times and the ties with today's two whisk(e)ys. It all goes back to this past week's Whiskey Lore Podcast episode 9 and 10 in Season 2. I also mention Early Times move from Brown-Forman to Sazerac. I also raise a bit of the potential controversy on Yellowstone's 1882 date for the whiskey. Both of these have really odd tasting notes for me.

Whisky Comparison: Ardbeg Wee Beastie v Corryvreckan

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Time to pair up two turbulent whiskies, both from Ardbeg. The differences are found in ABV and age. Which whisky wins? Was it even fair to pair up one of my favorite whiskies against the 5 year old, new kid on the block?

Whisk(e)y Comparison: Talisker 10 v Connemara Peated

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Ireland value whiskey versus the Isle of Skye legend, both single malts, both with a nice hint of peat and sea air.

Distillery Tasting at Six & Twenty (Greenville, SC)

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Going to Kentucky is awesome, but don't forget the guys doing all the creative work near home as well.

Whiskey Comparison: Old Grand Dad 114 v Glenn's Creek Stave + Barrel

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Time for some high heat competition. Two very high proof bourbons. The results were very interesting.

Whisk(e)y Comparison: Auchentoshan American Oak v Writer's Tears Double Oak

Two very interesting whiskies (or is that whiskeys) that cross styles. The Irish whiskey uses a technique that is more related to scotch - and the scotch is distilled in the Irish tradition. Love the experimentation.

Whiskey Comparison: Henry McKenna v Elijah Craig v Evan Williams BiB

A battle royale between three products all using Heaven Hill's bourbon rye mash bill. But each of these whiskeys is a different age, was stored differently, and have very different price points. I'll give my blind tasting results and we'll find out if I agree with your votes.