The first is his namesake, a bottle of Old Taylor distilled in 1913 and bottled in a half pint bottle in 1917.

The second whiskey was started by the firm he worked for at one time, before it changed its name to W.A. Gaines. The whiskey is Hermitage and this is a very unique whiskey. It was made at the bend in the Kentucky River in 1914 and was shipped all the way to California in a barrel, before being put in a bonded warehouse for 9 years.

I'll not only do the tasting, but I will tell you a bit of the history of these two whiskey brands as well as how E. H. Taylor was associated with each. I also mention several episodes of the Whiskey Lore podcast that tell the deeper stories of these whiskeys and how I obtained them.

Start with the story of Dr. James C. Crow and Old Crow whiskey. 

And then enjoy the story of J.B. Leonis and the batch of Pre-Prohibition whiskey he left to future generations.

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