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SUNTORY LEGENT NAS 47% ABV The marriage of Kentucky Bourbon with wine and sherry casks thanks to Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo. The nose starts out with grain, caramel, and vanilla, with hints of char. Kentucky shows itself initially. Then the velvety liquid hits your palate and you get dark fruit, sherry, and cinnamon red hots. This is followed by a butter cherry with a touch of sour. The finish is long and fairly enjoyable.

DALMORE 12 SINGLE MALT SCOTCH 40% ABV I love the bottle and teh story of the Clan MacKenzie, as well as their ties back to Eilean Donan Castle (where Dalmore gets the royal stag symbol). The nose is tangerine, musty oak and figs and plum. I get a swiss cheese note on the palate along with dark chocolate, espresso, a bit of oak and sherry. It finishes with toffee, vanilla, and bitter oak.

It was harder for me to choose between the two than I thought.