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It's time to take a historic brand and put it up against what sounds like a historic brand. Two Tennessee Whiskeys with similar characteristics but much different flavor profiles.


45.5% ABV - 91 Proof - This is a wheated whiskey, featuring corn, wheat, and barley. It uses a recipe that is over 100 years old, but disappeared after Prohibition ended the original Nelson's Green Brier. It also uses the Lincoln County Process to mellow it. This whiskey is not yet widely available, but plans are to have it leave Tennessee in the near future.

The nose features plenty of spicy aromatics, like tea, coffee, tobacco, leather, and chocolate. A nice mouthfeel and taste reveals a Werther's Originals type toffee or soft caramel candy. There is a bit of smoke and a black licorice that carries through. Easy drinking with no spicy bite. Better in small sips where the caramel reveals itself. The finish is medium long and features cherry, wheat, and a bit of smoke from the barrel char. It definitely has a clean finish. An impressive whiskey for a 2+ year old.


45% ABV - 90 Proof - This is also a wheated whiskey, featuring white corn, wheat, and barley. It was devised by a radiologist and an engineer - not an outlaw as the name of the brand might infer. This uses an alternate method to the Lincoln County Process, the sugar maple is actually infused into the whiskey, rather than having the whiskey filtered through it. This whiskey is more widely available.

The nose features almost a peanut butter kind of smell, with underlying vanilla, and caramel. There isn't as much maple as you would expect. Nothing stands out, but all is good. A nice heavy liquid gives way to maple, oak, wheat, and maybe even a little soy sauce. It is an interesting taste. And unlike the NGB, this one is better if you fill your mouth with it. The finish is toffee, apple, a little char smoke, and a little bite, but not much.

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