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Time to pair up two turbulent whiskies, both from Ardbeg. The differences are found in ABV and age. Which whisky wins? Was it even fair to pair up one of my favorite whiskies against the 5 year old, new kid on the block?


57.1% ABV - Bring on the heat with an amped up ABV. But in reality, Corryvreckan is just an interesting dram. Far from as aggressive in the way of alcohol bite as you can imagine at that strength. The lack of watering down helps you discover a huge amount of flavors in this whisky.


47.4% ABV - Thank you Ardbeg for letting us taste a smoke bomb fresh from a cask that hasn't had enough time to lower the smoke infused into the new make. There is a little youth in this whisky, but it is almost insignificant. See how it stands up to the competition.

A wolverine or badger against a whirlpool. Who wins?