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The tale of two un-chill filtered Highland Single Malts, a couple of movies, and a way to get those scents down if the whisky isn't immediately hitting your nose.

DEANSTON 12 (ABV 46.3%)

Just a short walk from Doune Castle (where Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Outlander were filmed) is the cotton mill turned whisky distillery known as Deanston. A cool distillery that is putting the art of sustainability to work in several ways. The distillery has also seen the camera spotlight, most namely in the movie The Angel's Share.

The whisky is fermented in one of only a handful of open top mash tuns in Scotland and spends between 80-100 hours in fermentation wash backs. This adds to the fruity character of the whisky. On the nose, you may find pear, green apple, cinnamon, and grain. It reminds me of morning apple cinnamon oatmeal. On the palate, a salty light toffee comes through to compliment the cinnamon, apple, and pear. The finish fades fast and there is a touch of alcohol but only for a moment. This whisky was aged exclusively in ex-bourbon casks and you may pick up some of that vanilla and caramel influence.

GLEN GARIOCH 12 (ABV 48%) Beam-Suntory

For all of the cameras and spotlight on Deanston, Glen Garioch (pronounced Glen Geer-ee) sits quietly to the north and east, a short drive between Aberdeen and Huntly. This is a small distillery that produces around 1 million litres of whisky per year. This distillery uses a unique technique of aging the single malts separately in ex-sherry or ex-bourbon casks and then marrying them together. This whisky is a little drier than Deanston but has many of the same fruits. It is a complex whisky that requires a little more time. The nose is filled with apple, cinnamon, and other spices. The alcohol will hit you a little more on the nose here and it is the only somewhat negative to an otherwise excellent whisky. The mouthfeel is full and juicy. Apple and oak mix with ginger and other spices. It really is something you need to relax with. I've gotten chocolate and a variety of other flavors out of this, depending on when I sit with it. The finish is refined, long, and adds to the balance of this whisky.


Two excellent whiskies well worth trying. Find out who you guys picked on Instagram Stories at the end of the episode.