In a bonus episode, I open my "Big In Japan" Flaviar tasting box. Japanese whisky is still a bit of a mystery to me and this box actually gave me a chance to double up on my palate experience. Tasting boxes provide a chance to dip your toe in the water and see which whiskies you might be interested in investing in.

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It's a great club and I've really enjoyed the benefits of it. If you choose to join, using this link provides a benefit to Whiskey Lore and allows me to continue buying drams to taste and also allows me to produce the Whiskey Lore podcast. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Now, on to the tasting:

THE CHITA (Suntory)

43% ABV Single Grain Whiskey (grain not defined). Cost is around $54 but hard to find the in United States. This has no age statement. The nose is very light, with grain and floral elements. The palate runs to vanilla and apple - and the finish ends with a slightly bitter orange zest. All in all, it is a competent whisky and is an element of both Suntory Toki and Suntory Japanese Hibiki. For the price and complexity, I might opt for the Toki over this.


43% ABV Aged in Mizunara Oak, and double matured in a cask that hits the high seas for 3 months. There is no age statement. Cost is around $67. This is a fascinating whisky. The nose brings on sweet pork barbeque, smoke, earthiness, and black pepper. The palate is creamy vanilla, maybe some salt, citrus and a continuation of that black pepper. The finish is long and intriguing with light spice and smoke. This will be a new addition to my whisky cabinet. It brings very unique flavors and smells and will be a good conversation starter.


43% ABV This is also hard to find in the US, but if it is, it can range from $50 to $199. There is no age statement and this is a blended whisky. The nose is light and filled with sweet spices, acetone lightly hits the nose, caramel, banana, and apple. The palate goes to citrus, banana, cinnamon, and apple. The finish has a light spice and oak. This does have some elements of peat and sherry but they are not dominant.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know your experience in the comments. Also, let me know any questions about Flaviar. Whisky membership clubs can be expensive, but many of them pay for themselves if you are a whisky enthusiast.