Having live in Dallas for a couple of years and being a music fan of all genres, The Yellow Rose of Texas is a song I am quite familiar with. But I really didn't know the legend. I thought, what better way to do Tasting Tuesday than to share a little history.⁠

Not long after the defeat at the Alamo, Sam Houston's Texas volunteers were on the run. Santa Anna's Mexican force was fortified and the idea of a Texas Republic seemed to be fading.⁠

Then Santa Anna let his heart (or loins) get in the way. He fell for Col. James Morgan's indentured servant Emily West. A beautiful woman of mixed race, Santa Anna became obsessed with her, kidnapped her, and took her as a lover.⁠

Whether willing or not, the story goes that she ended up as a spy for the Texans and lured Santa Anna into the sack while his army was dismantled in 18 minutes by the Texas volunteers. For her bravery, she would slip into obscurity (except for the legend) and Santa Anna would be captured by the Texans, wearing a private's uniform. The Battle of San Jacinto would end the war and bring independence to the Texas Republic.⁠

A great story, but is it true? The facts (as we know them) behind the legend can be found on this week's Tasting Tuesday on YouTube. Watch the video above.⁠

I also do a full tasting of these two Texas trailblazers. Both bring a very interesting herbal note that must be unique to the locally sourced yellow corn they use. The Harris County is a 30 month old 3 grain bourbon with Yellow Corn, Elbon Rye, and fittingly San Jacinto Malted Barley. The Outlaw Bourbon is a 1 year 100% corn whiskey.⁠

Thanks to @distillerlangan at @yellowrosedistilling for sharing these beautiful bottles with me. ⁠These whiskeys were provided for review. Opinions are my own.