My Introductory Video

Note, it is a bit windy, but this is my introductory video to the tour. Filmed in Campbeltown, the home of Springbank, Glengyle, and Glen Scotia Distilleries.

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Plan Your Ultimate Trip to Scotland's Distilleries

Are you ready to get your dram on? I designed each page of this guide to give you not only my impressions from each scotch distillery I visited in Scotland but also to provide links, photos, costs, perks, parking, what I tasted, and a map link to get you there.

The list below is separated into the different regions of Scotland. You may choose to focus on one particular region, as each has it's own personality, or pick and choose. Don't necessarily just do the standard tour, as you'll pretty much be an expert on the distilling process after three or four distilleries. Try some of the whisky connoisseur tours and warehouse experiences, but please be responsible and don't drink and drive. The laws are very close to zero tolerance in Scotland. But what is great is, almost all distilleries will offer some kind of driver's pack so you can taste at your B&B or hotel later that evening. So either make sure to ask or stay within close proximity and walk or take a cab. 

This content is still being created. The date of launch is listed next to the distilleries that aren't yet linked (and you can start at Blair Athol and follow with breadcrumbs at the end of each distillery to see the complete tour).  In the meantime, if you love bourbon, I invite you to check out the blog dedicated to My Kentucky Bourbon Trail Guide. Happy planning!

Highland Distilleries

Speyside Distilleries

Lowland Distilleries

  • October 2019 Trip

Island Distilleries

  • Talisker Distillery
  • Caol Ila (August TBD)
  • Lagavulin (August TBD)
  • Ardbeg (August TBD)
  • Laphroaig (August TBD)
  • Bowmore (August TBD)
  • Bruichladdich (August TBD)

Campbeltown Distilleries

  • Kilkerran/Glengyle (August TBD)
  • Springbank (August TBD)

Extra: My Favorite Whisky Bars (TBD)

Extra: Distilleries I Just Missed (TBD)

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