About Travel Fuels Life

Travel Fuels Life is a brand new travel podcast. Each week host Drew Hannush interviews a guest who can provide encouragement, education, and inspiration that helps listeners achieve their dreams of travel.

About The Host

For the last 15 years, Drew Hannush has grown his own web development company (Hannush Web) to over 150 clients in 14 states. During the last year, he realized his dream of travel was being neglected and as he was reaching an age milestone, he decided to start working on a concept called the 9-5 Travel Lifestyle. The goal of the lifestyle was to create an efficient workplace, thus opening the doors to more travel, without clients noticing a drop in service. After living the lifestyle for a year and developing some new ideas from travel bloggers and digital nomads he was meeting, Drew decided it was time to expand his focus and help show a variety of ways to build a life of travel, while maintaining the normal requirements of life. The idea of producing a podcast was born.

For pronunciation, the last name Hannush (Hann-ish) rhymes with Spanish.


"What an absolute pleasure to chat with Drew from . I loved this conversation, and he did an incredible job as a host doing his research!" - Christopher Mitchell (TravelingMitch.com) via Twitter

"This is a great podcast. The host is relatable to everyone. The first episode you really get to know him and understand his point of view of traveling and why he wanted to do this podcast. The second and third episodes he talks to an amazing women that travels in a way that most people don’t." - Oleander446 via Apple Podcasts

Drew Is Available For Appearances

Topics for Podcasts and Speaking Engagements

  • The Travelpreneur: Realizing the 9-5 Travel Lifestyle
  • Conquering 50 states
  • The Art of Chasing Bond (How a Love For James Bond Lead To An Amazing Trip)
  • The Power of Discovering Your "Why"
  • Systems for Overcoming ADD In The Office

Podcast Appearances

Zero Xcuses Podcast - Kenyon Zitska gets a sense of me, how I went from entrepreneur to traveling entrepreneur, asks about my "why" for travel, and finds out how I manage a business from the road.

Who Listens to Podcasts?

2018 Podcast Statistics from PodcastInsights.com

While digital nomads and travel bloggers tend to be from a younger demographic, there are plenty of examples of people in the Gen-X and Baby Boomer generations that are looking to create a travel lifestyle. Travel Fuels Life's audience and programming will predominantly be speaking to the 25-50 year old female and the 40-50 year old male. Most of our guests will also be within this demographic.

Podcast/Phone Line Rates

While listenership is not as high in the first few months of a podcast, these early episodes will continue to exist and will be visited by new subscribers who want to "catch up" on the show. So the rates below will take hold once we pass 10,000 downloads per episode. Previous to that, our only advertising option will be the 30 second copy, mention in the lead and at the close at a cost of $500 per episode.

  • 15 second sponsorship (including phone line mention) of 844 number. = $25 CPM (Cost per mille) - requires 6 month commitment
  • 30 second copy = $35 CPM (Cost per mille)
  • 30 second copy, mention in lead and at close = $50 CPM
  • 10% discount for purchase in 8 or more episodes.
  • Ask about speaking appearance rates

Contact For Podcast Advertising

Drew Hannush
PO Box 16504
Greenville, SC 29606
844-447-9700 Ext 1