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Living the #VanLife (Ep. 26)

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Have you lived the #VanLife? Then call our guest line at 1-844-447-9700, tell us your name, web address (if you have one), and location. Then tell us:

  • What is your favorite thing about living the #VanLife?
  • What is the thing you found most challenging about living the #VanLife?

This Week's Show Notes

Imagine selling everything you own, fixing up a van and driving with no firm destination. Brie and Shawn are two thirtysomething's that did just that.

  • Lake Powell and the Instagrammer missed photo spots
  • A GenXtravel Chat about the #VanLife turns into an interview
  • What is the #VanLife? Cars and RV's included
  • How they became Van Lifers
  • Getting buy in from your partner
  • Inception
  • Cost of starting the #VanLife
  • Fitting comfortably into a van
  • Selling off everything vs keeping a home base
  • Hardest thing to give up
  • What to take with you
  • Dealing with dogs in the #VanLife
  • How to cook and store food
  • The importance of filtered water
  • YouTube tool kit (Eamon and Bec | Vanessa & Adam)
  • The first five minutes
  • The path they've taken over the last couple of years
  • Fall in New England and Key West Beaches
  • Lone Pine, California (Google Maps)
  • Uinta Brewing, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • The impressive unimpressive mountains of Grand Tetons
  • The National Parks "As We Ran" Music Video
  • No rhyme of reason
  • The Northwest and the Evergreens
  • Canada and Mexico for #VanLife
  • Cheating on the #VanLife with a hotel
  • Getting clean
  • Strategic memberships
  • Finding free campsites (FreeCampsites.net)
  • Stealth camping
  • Getting mail on the road
  • Why #VanLife is possible now
  • Occupations that work
  • How long do you keep going?
  • Taking time for yourself as a couple
  • The upper GenX and Millennials
  • Couples vs solo #VanLife
  • Hello Cleveland!

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