Bracketology is simply a way of parsing something into a discrete match-up, in this case, our favorite whisk[e]ys.

Step 1: Nominate your favorite whisk[e]y.

Follow Whiskey Lore on Instagram and between December 9-19th, nominate your favorite whiskey under each category. Keep it to any whiskey that is under $50 or 50£. The most popular will be seated in this year's 2020 Bracketology whisk[e]y competition.

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Step 2: Vote daily for your favorites.

Starting December 26th, watch daily for Instagram stories, where you can vote for your favorites between 2 competitors. Just like March Madness in basketball, we'll have regions. Tennessee will take on Tennessee first, Islay will take on Islay, etc, until we get to the super regionals where the best of each region will face off, until we reach the #1 whiskey in the world, by your votes.

Step 3: After each round, we'll post the bracket on this page.