A couple years ago, I planned a European trip using James Bond as my guide. He always goes to such exotic places, it seemed the perfect way to see the Old Country. Information was scarce at that time, so I did the best I could. There are a lot more resources now. I'll be working on a guide to condense this information by country, so you can more easily track these places down. First stop, Austria!

I find it surprising that James Bond avoided Austria for so long. It wasn't until 007's trip to Vienna in "The Living Daylights" that we finally see him taking in the sights (literally) with Ms. Kara Milovy. Yet, after the Bond writers discovered it, they couldn't keep him away. And if you've ever been, I'm sure you'll understand why.  

I'm still researching, but this looks to be about the most comprehensive list I could put together of locations from the series. Let me know in the comments if there are any corrections or additions. I am a stickler for accuracy and I've seen some well meaning sites that sent me to the wrong places.

Most of all, go explore! Austria is a beautiful country and there are so many amazing places to see, not just these.

James Bond Movies That Feature Austria

  • The Living Daylights
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Spectre

James Bond Locations in Austria


Jagdhaus Seewiese

Spectre - James Bond tracks Mr. White to his hideout by the lake. In reality, this is no hangout or abandoned cabin, it's actually a restaurant. If you try it, let me know how it is. 
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Festspielhaus Bregenz

Quantum of Solace - Quantum holds their meetings in the oddest places. Bond crashes the party by overcoming a member and then stealing his earbud. The opera they are watching is "Tosca" by Puccini. 
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The Living Daylights - To me, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante with it's many gadgets pays technical hommage to the DB5 in Goldfinger. And while this was basically a supercharged Aston Martin hiding in a Ford Mustang body, it was still a pretty cool car.  Apparently road blocks couldn't stop it either. As Kara Milovy and James Bond listen in on the police band, they are alerted to the force blocking the tunnel ahead. This tunnel is on Drautalstraße (Route 100) You cross the bridge and road goes up to the right on the side they go in (not confirmed, but they appear to be going west to east). The town you're leaving is Feistritz and you cross over the Drava River before entering the tunnel.
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Lake Weißensee

The Living Daylights - It is sometimes impossible to reinact scenes from these movies in the order they happen. In this case, Kara and Bond drive out of the tunnel and end up on the lake. But they would have to circle back through the tunnel to do so, as it is in the opposite direction. But I guess that's more plausible than an English church's interior ending up in St. Petersburg. It seems wintertime would be the best time to visit these places for optimal effect, but weather can be sketchy and might interfere with your plans.
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Spectre - After Madeleine Swann is nabbed at the Hoffler Klinik by Mr. Hinx, James Bond decides to chase after them in a plane. The plane crashes through a prop barn into the village of Obertilliach. There is a ski resort which apparently is a great place for beginner skiiers or families to learn and test their skills. 
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Ice Q

Spectre - This is the glass building at the top of the mountain that harkens back to Blofeld's clinic on Piz Gloria in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. In addition, the cable car that shoots up from the town of Sölden, is the one used by Q while he is researching Spectre.  If you want to enjoy a meal, reservations are required. Also, the cable car doesn't run year round, so late Spring and Summer visitors should be aware of this (I was not and arrived one day after they shut it down!).
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I seem to be one of the few that really likes "The Living Daylights." To me, it had a ton of what Bond should be about. It had one of my favorite Bond girls. It had beautiful locations. It had a theme by one of my favorite bands and one of Chrissie Hynde's best songs. Plus one of the greatest stunts in all the Bond movies, the fight on the netting tailing the plane carrying half a billion in opium.

It was this movie, more than any, that introduced me to Vienna.  And one thing I learned after touring the town is that those two horses in that carriage were super horses. Apparently it was nothing for them to cruise around mile after mile througout all of Vienna in that one day. For me, I had to use the subways and trams a couple of times at least. I highly recommend using Vienna's public transportation, as the U-Bahn, trams, and busses are quite convenient with easy on and easy off access with a day pass.

Gasometers of Vienna

The Living Daylights - One of the spots I only recently learned about as I launched deeper into research of film locations. This is a uniquely designed building that was used as the gasworks where Q and Bond lift Koskov out of the tube that carried him through the pipeline. Q looked winded taking those long stairs. Now you won't have to do the same, as they have remodled the inside to be a shopping mall.  
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Kara’s Apartment

The Living Daylights - Antonigasse 92 is the apartment complex where the Kara first meets Bond as she surveys the damage done by the KGB. Roll to the corner of Antonigasse at Paulinengasse to see where the KGB picked her up for questioning. And around the corner, you'll find the Sommarugagasse tram depot where Bond disembarks and you should see the bathroom (brick with yellow doors) where he took the cello and found the sniper's gun. 
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Austria Vienna 10


The Living Daylights - The carriage ride runs directly past the horse statue in the montage. This is a fantastic drop off point to see a ton of Vienna's beautiful architecture and history.
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Musikverein Wien

The Living Daylights - This concert hall is used twice in the movie. The first time is on Kara Milovy and James Bond's first night in Vienna. She tells him she can't believe she's there. They watch a performance of "The Marriage of Figero" by Mozart. Saunders is also attending and meets up with Bond to plan their next actions and to scold Bond for womanizing with this sniper. The venue makes a second appearance as Kara Milovy is on her "World Tour" and it is the setting for the final scene where Kara whistles for Bond and then falls into his arms.
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Austria Vienna Palais Schwarzenberg

Palais Schwarzenberg

The Living Daylights - This is the hotel Kara and Bond check into. Apparently this is a normal visiting spot for Bond as the front desk clerk is very familiar with his needs. 007 opts for a two room suite. Always the gentleman. 
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Austria Vienna Prater Park 001

Prater Park

The Living Daylights - This location also appears in two separate scenes. When Kara and James Bond arrive in Vienna, they jump off the fruit truck in front of Prater Park. You can see the ferris wheel in the distance as he calls for a taxi. Then Saunders suggests Bond meet him at Prater Cafe after the opera. Bond and Kara enjoy the amusements including the bumper cars and rollercoaster in this full featured park. And then she asks for him to take her on the wheel. Wiener Riesenrad is pictured below along with the Prater Cafe's location below that. Hopefully they replaced the faulty glass door. Meanwhile, you can go up in the wheel yourself. Either just take the ride or actually order a meal to be served. The views are stunning, especially at twilight when I took these pictures. A great scene in Orson Welles "The Third Man" was also filmed here.
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Austria Vienna Schnbrunn Palace South 001

Schönbrunn Palace

The Living Daylights - A string quartet plays as couples waltz under the stairs. Apparently Bond and Kara had a busy day like I did, so they didn't linger too long, but this former home of Austrian-Hungary royalty is really worth touring. It is a reminder of a time when Austria was a world power. Immortal Beloved also had a scene shot here.
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The Living Daylights - The bridge that crosses to Donauinsel Island in Vienna. The pipeline was constructed for the movie then removed, although a walking path remains. This is the checkpoint they bypass with Koskov in the tube. The island serves as Czechoslovakia. 
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Austria Vienna Kantine Volksoper 002


The LIving Daylights - Understand that none of this movie was filmed in Bratislava. At the time of filming, that was still behind the Iron Curtain. So, the west side of Vienna took it's place. This is where Saunders and Bond make their first contact in the balcony. James sees Kara playing the cello. Meanwhile Koskov makes his escape out the bathroom window on the side viewable in the picture below. It’s also the building where Kara is shot by Bond as she tries to aim at Koskov. The interior shots were filmed at Sofiensäle on Marxergasse which burned down in 2001.

And right across the street is the spot where Bond fires at the sniper. It is the second window up on the left hand corner of the yellow building. The hammer and sickle are not there anymore, obviously they were just there for the movie. I find it interesting in that scene that Bond turns up his collar so you can't see his white shirt, but his gun has a large silver dial facing out that could easily reflect light to any onlookers.

Austria Vienna Kantine Volksoper 003

I hope this resource is extremely helpful in your quest to follow in the footsteps of James Bond. I'll be using it myself on my next journey to Austria and will load more pictures upon my return. Please feel free to leave comments below.

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