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Known for the last 18 years as an enterpreneur and web developer, one day Drew Hannush realized his whole life was passing him by while he kept deferring his dream of travel. He optimized his office, streamlined his processes and took off to see if he could make a go living a travel lifestyle.

His first trip was to Europe where he planned out an extensive James Bond tour across Europe. He watched every movie, took notes, then spent 16 days in a rental car enjoying some of the most incredible scenery on the continent.

When he returned to the United States, he started searching for another theme to base a trip around. During a whiskey tasting with some friends he realized his knowledge of these spirits was severely lacking. He immediately planned out an 8-day/19-distillery tour of Kentucky and Tennessee. It is from this point his love affair with whiskey began. He planned out a castles and drams tour of Scotland and came back with an entirely new perspective on the world of whiskey.

Two things became apparent. First, Drew had a ton of stories to tell. Those distilleries were all filled with history, legends, and mysteries. He turned his investigative love of history and truth seeking into the Whiskey Lore podcast. Second, he also realized that Kentucky was in desperate need of an easy-to-use planning guide to bourbon distilleries. So he wrote Whiskey Lore's Travel Guide to Experiencing Kentucky Bourbon. The book was an immediate success, becoming a #1 New Release on Amazon and Best Seller with glowing reviews detailing how impactful this resource is.

Besides his book and the Whiskey Lore podcast, Drew also hosts the Travel Fuels Life podcast and is now stepping into the world of conducting whiskey tasting classes. Bourbon, scotch, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, and so on, the sky is the limit for Drew and his deepening knowledge of whiskeys, their distilleries, and their histories.

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Drew's life mission has always been to empower others with information. He is always available for interviews about whiskey, its history, and whiskey travel. His expertise includes travel experiences in all 50 states and throughout Europe. His whiskey travel has taken him to Scotland, Ireland, and through popular whiskey regions in the United States. He is also well versed in whiskey history and is keen on debunking myths and finding the truth. To schedule him for your broadcast, podcast, or speaking event, use the following contact information:

Drew Hannush:
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Do you have an event coming up that could use a speaker who knows whiskey or travel? Looking to provide an extra special experience for your event? Have a bar or restaurant and you are interested in having a hosted whiskey tasting event?

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