Season Five

The Legend of Blue Ruin

The story of the fur trade, a blue whisky, and tribes of early America.

Campbeltown: The Whisky Capital of the World? (Part 2)

Was Campbeltown just a boom and bust? And did it outshine Peoria, Illinois for the title of whisky capital?

Campbeltown: The Birth of a Whisky Capital (Part 1)

Step back to the very origins of scotch whisky, to an area that was once hailed as the Whisky Capital of the World.  

The Whisky Trust: Who Killed The Trust? (Part 3)

Does John Sherman's Antitrust Act do its job, or does the Whisky Trust do itself in?

The Whisky Trust: Greenhut, Sherman, and the Chicago Holdout (Part 2)

With the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Greenhut shifts and looks to evade the government.

The Whisky Trust: Making of a Monster (Part 1)

The origins of one of the darkest chapters in American whisky history.

Madeira and Whisky at Sea

Aging whisky at sea is nothing new. I'll chart the history of sea maturation.