Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

Ep. 43 - GlenDronach's History and Whisky with Rory Glasgow

HIGHLAND SCOTCH // Time to deep dive into sherry casks and taste some amazing whiskies.

Ep. 42 - Hood River and Clear Creek's Joe O'Sullivan and Caitlin Bartlemay

AMERICAN SINGLE MALT // Lots of fun stories of Oregon's rich distilling history.

Ep. 41 - Old Dominick's Master Distiller Alex Castle

BOURBON HISTORY // The return of a 19th Century brand and the journey to becoming a master distiller.

Ep 40 - Bruichladdich's Production Manager Allan Logan

DISTILLERY HISTORY // A stranger knocks at the door of a mothballed distillery and history happens.

Ep. 39 - Woodford Reserve's Master Distiller Chris Morris

BOURBON HISTORY // Join me as we celebrate 25 years of Woodford Reserve and talk history

Ep. 38 - Glen Scotia Distillery's Iain McAlister

CAMPBELTOWN WHISKY // Explore the 5th region of scotch whisky and its history.

Ep. 37 - McConnell's Whisky Ambassador Sarah Kennedy

IRISH WHISKEY HISTORY // We dive into the history of Belfast's McConnells, a brand established in 1776.

Ep. 36 - Tom Ripy and the Family Before Wild Turkey

BOURBON HISTORY // Hear the stories of Lawrenceburg and Tyrone, KY distilleries.

Ep. 35 - J.K. Williams Distillery's Andy Faris and Jeff Murphy

THE WHISKY TRUST // Hear stories from the former "Whisky Capital of the World."

Ep. 34 - Kaiyo and LHK Spirits' Brand Ambassador Jay Cole

OCEAN AGED WHISKY // So, is whisky aged at sea a gimmick or the real deal? Find out.

Ep. 33 - Prichard's Distillery's Founder Phil Prichard

TENNESSEE WHISKY AND RUM // First there was Jack, then there was George, and then in 1997 there was Phil.

Ep. 32 - Chattanooga Whiskey's CEO Tim Piersant

HIGH MALT BOURBON // How does a distillery transition from sourced Indiana bourbon to their own?

Ep. 31 - Keeper of the Quaich Ed Kohl

SCOTCH FOR BOURBON DRINKERS // Are you one of those that says "I don't like scotch?"

Ep. 30 - Gobbler Springs' Founder John Hatcher

COUNTRY DISTILLERY // Family tales, Tennessee history, and a distillery that requires a 4x4 to visit!

Ep 29 - Davidson Reserve's Co-Founder Jeff Pennington

TENNESSEE WHISKEY AND BOURBON // How a trip to Europe, Dolly Parton, Elvis, and Jack Daniel's inspired a husband and wife to start a distillery.

Ep. 28 - Dead Distilers Author Colin Spoelman

BOURBON HISTORY // Talking with the Author of "Dead Distillers" and Kings County Distillery's Co-Founder Colin about American whiskey history.

Ep. 27 - Seth Benhaim of Broken Barrel Whiskey

UNIQUE WHISKEY AGING // Imagine, breaking barrels with a sledgehammer and then soaking the pieces in your new make spirit.

Ep. 26 - Jim Massey of Fugitives Spirits

WRITERS AND WHISKEY // Fugitives Spirits' co-founder talks about helping Tennessee agriculture through Tennessee whiskey.

Ep. 25 - Juke Joints and the Blues with WABG-AM's Poe

MISSISSIPPI DELTA // Getting to know the Juke Joint scene, whiskey, and moonshine.

Ep. 24 - Jimmy Rout all about Memphis, Blues, and Juke Joints

MEMPHIS WHISKEY HISTORY // Talking Beale Street, whiskey, blues, and juke joints.

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