Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

Ep. 36 - Tom Ripy and the Family Before Wild Turkey

BOURBON HISTORY // Hear the stories of Lawrenceburg and Tyrone, KY distilleries.

Ep. 35 - J.K. Williams Distillery's Andy Faris and Jeff Murphy

THE WHISKY TRUST // Hear stories from the former "Whisky Capital of the World."

Ep. 34 - Kaiyo and LHK Spirits' Brand Ambassador Jay Cole

OCEAN AGED WHISKY // So, is whisky aged at sea a gimmick or the real deal? Find out.

Ep. 33 - Prichard's Distillery's Founder Phil Prichard

TENNESSEE WHISKY AND RUM // First there was Jack, then there was George, and then in 1997 there was Phil.

Ep. 32 - Chattanooga Whiskey's CEO Tim Piersant

HIGH MALT BOURBON // How does a distillery transition from sourced Indiana bourbon to their own?

Ep. 31 - Keeper of the Quaich Ed Kohl

SCOTCH FOR BOURBON DRINKERS // Are you one of those that says "I don't like scotch?"

Ep. 30 - Gobbler Springs' Founder John Hatcher

COUNTRY DISTILLERY // Family tales, Tennessee history, and a distillery that requires a 4x4 to visit!

Ep 29 - Davidson Reserve's Co-Founder Jeff Pennington

TENNESSEE WHISKEY AND BOURBON // How a trip to Europe, Dolly Parton, Elvis, and Jack Daniel's inspired a husband and wife to start a distillery.

Ep. 28 - Dead Distilers Author Colin Spoelman

BOURBON HISTORY // Talking with the Author of "Dead Distillers" and Kings County Distillery's Co-Founder Colin about American whiskey history.

Ep. 27 - Seth Benhaim of Broken Barrel Whiskey

UNIQUE WHISKEY AGING // Imagine, breaking barrels with a sledgehammer and then soaking the pieces in your new make spirit.

Ep. 26 - Jim Massey of Fugitives Spirits

WRITERS AND WHISKEY // Fugitives Spirits' co-founder talks about helping Tennessee agriculture through Tennessee whiskey.

Ep. 25 - Juke Joints and the Blues with WABG-AM's Poe

MISSISSIPPI DELTA // Getting to know the Juke Joint scene, whiskey, and moonshine.

Ep. 24 - Jimmy Rout all about Memphis, Blues, and Juke Joints

MEMPHIS WHISKEY HISTORY // Talking Beale Street, whiskey, blues, and juke joints.

Ep. 23 - McCauley Williams, CEO of Blue Note Bourbon

MEMPHIS AND THE BLUES // From a career as an attorney to crafting whiskey, we talk BBQ, the Delta, and of course bourbon and rye whiskey.

Ep. 22 - Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery

MOONSHINE AND WHISKEY // An 11th generation distiller with Irish roots and an eye on the technique of his forefathers.

Ep. 21 - Steve Bashore of George Washington's Distillery (Upstairs)

FINDING JAMES ANDERSON // Learning some more facts about Washington's distiller and I get to taste the rye and single malt!

Ep. 20 - Steve Bashore of George Washington's Distillery (Downstairs)

18TH CENTURY DISTILLING // How is Steve recreating the distilling process of the past at Mount Vernon?

Ep. 19 - Dr. Jim Ambuske and Jeanette Patrick of the Washington Library

Join me for my visit to Mount Vernon and my discussion about the first president and his relationship to whiskey.

Ep. 18 - Robert Likarish of Ironroot Republic Distillery

TEXAS WHISKEY // How a grape man drew two brothers into the distilling business.

Ep. 17 - Lori Carcich of Country Smooth

WOMEN AND WHISKEY // What does it take for a woman to found a whiskey brand these days? Lori tells us her story.

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