Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

Ep. 72 - What Do Brown-Forman, Mick Jagger, Bono, and MacBeth have In Common?

IRISH WHISKEY // Meet Alex Conyngham of Slane Distillery and Slane Castle and hear some great history while we taste a rock and roll inspired Irish blend.

Ep. 71 - The Illicit History and Legalization of Irish Poitín

IRISH WHISKEY HISTORY // Pádraic of Galway's Micil Distillery tells the stories from his family's distilling past in Connemara and helps us understand what Poitin was and is now.

Ep. 70 - The Life and Times of a Irish Whiskey Legend: John Teeling of Great Northern Distillery

IRISH WHISKEY LEGEND // From taking over his father's business at 15 to helping to resurrect the Irish whiskey industry, this is his story.

Ep. 69 - At the Forefront of a New Breed of Irish Distilleries

JACK TEELING // From Cooley to the Teeling Distillery, taking part in the birth of a new golden age of Irish Whiskey.

Ep. 68 - Has Too Much Focus on Kentucky Bourbon Caused a Misread of American Whiskey History?

PENNSYLVANIA WHISKEY HISTORY // Check out the second half of my conversation with Laura Fields as we dig into some of the myths surrounding medicinal whiskey during Prohibition and take on bourbon's role in framing American whiskey history.

Ep. 67 - When Pennsylvania Ruled American Whisky

PRE-PROHIBITION // Laura Fields of the American Whiskey Convention helps us dig into Pennsylvania Pure Rye and the origins of American whiskey

Ep. 66 - The Whiskey That Made the Crowned Heads of Europe Turn From Scotch to Bourbon

W.H. McBRAYER // Hear Bill McBrayer tell the story of a 19th Century distilling legend who promised quality in every drop of his Cedar Brook bourbon.

Ep. 65 - Whiskey's History at Tennessee and the World's #1 Most Visited Distillery

OLE SMOKY WHISKEY // Talking Moonshine, Tourism, and Whiskey with co-founder Joe Baker

Ep. 64 - Jack Daniel's Chris Fletcher Talks Sinatra, Legendary Distillers and the New Bottled-in-Bond

BOTTLED-IN-BOND // Today marks the official release of two new globally available whiskeys from Jack Daniels - at 100 proof and aged over 4 years.

Ep. 63 - John Campbell Talks Laphroaig Peat to Lowland Whisky at Lochlea

SCOTCH DISTILLER LEGACY SERIES // From lobster fisherman to manager of a storied Islay distillery to charting a new course for Lowland craft whisky at Lochlea.

Ep. 62 - The Irishman Turned 19th Century Tennessee Whiskey Baron

LESLIE SAMPSON OF J.W. KELLY // You've heard of Jack, George, and we've introduced you to Charles, but J.W. Kelly might have been the biggest Tennessee distiller of all.

Ep. 61 - French Whisky with Christine Cooney of Heavenly Spirits

FRENCH SINGLE MALT? // Oui! Some Tasting, History, and Background with Christine Cooney

Ep. 60 - Top 10 Historic Places to Visit in Kentucky Bourbon Country

STONE FENCES TOURS // My buddy and fellow history lover Jerry Daniels joins me as we compare notes on our top 10 favorite historic bourbon locations in Kentucky.

Ep. 59 - Chris Riesbeck of Westland Distillery

AMERICAN SINGLE MALT // Chris and I discuss finding the place for American Single Malt on store shelves.

Ep. 58 - Widow Jane's Lisa Wicker

BOURBON LEGACY // Meet a Distiller and Blender Whose Name You Should Know

Ep. 57 - Explore Distilleries in Scotland and Ireland Without Fear of Driving on the Left

DISTILLERY TRAVEL // How a near death experience taught me how to drive on the left!

Ep. 56 - Dexter's Bourbon founder Doug Hall

A CINCINNATI LEGEND // We'll learn about a long lost legacy and how to craft our own bourbon.

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