Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

Ep. 117 - The History of Stills in America

ALAN BISHOP // Alchemist of the Black Forest of Indiana

Ep. 116 - The History and Future of Distilling in Washington State

BECKY GARRISON // Author of Distilled in Washington

Ep. 111 - A Modern Drinking Glass Using Traditional Methods

ELLIOT WALKER & IAIN WEIR // Blowfish Glass and Smokehead

Ep. 110 - How Bourbon Shaped the Law and Vice Versa

BRIAN HAARA // Author of Bourbon Justice

Ep. 108 - Bringing Monongahela Rye Back to Somerset County, PA

MAXIMILIAN MERRILL / Founder of Ponfeigh Distillery

Ep. 107 - World's Oldest Whisky Found! And the World of Whisky Auctions

JOE WILSON // Head Curator at WhiskyAuctioneer.com

Ep. 106 - Diving into the Rich History of Blanton's Bourbon

DOMINIC GUGLEILMI / Author "Warehouse H: The Story of Blanton's Bourbon"

Ep. 103 - James A. Miller & Chicken Cock: The Forgotten History of Bourbon

WILL WOODINGTON // Chicken Cock & Grain and Barrel Spirits

Ep. 99 - O'Connell's, Smuggling, and the Liberator Irish Whiskey

SIR MAURICE O'CONNELL // Wayward Irish Spirits

Ep. 98 - North Carolina's Whiskey Past and Present

JASON & JEANNE QUEEN // Cook's Mill Bourbon

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