Why Researching Your Brand Matters

So you've revived a historic brand or you're thinking about bringing back a unique brand or family legacy. Think you know all there is to know about that brand's legacy?

Photo of a Brand Wall from the Frazier Museum in Louisville, KYYou would be surprised how many of these old brands have histories far beyond what you might read about in a book. One brand I worked with was simply looking to confirm its own history and possibly find a bragging point or two from the brand's past. During my consultation, I let the client know the connection they were looking for was unlikely, but that I felt there might be a bigger story. Not only did I connect their brand to the very origins of Bourbon, I discovered several landmark events in their history and dispelled a piece of lore that led to an even more fascinating story.

This was an extraordinary case, but for a few thousand dollars, the company now has a history it can trust, and plenty of background that can lead to special bottlings, and less fear of potential landmines down the road.

Real Whisky History Is So Much Better Than Lore

If there is an industry that has long embraced stories and lore, it is whisky. These concepts go together like hand-in-glove. Distilleries all over the globe find bits of history based on oral tradition and string them together into fun and compelling stories. Believe me, I've heard quite a few of them on my 250+ distillery tours. The problem is, when you go from one distillery to another and you find contradicting stories, it can lead to a consumer losing confidence in your brand. As the information age continues to evolve, younger generations are seeking transparency in everything from labeling to production and are becoming more and more opposed to old school marketing techniques. When visitors get a sense that you're seeking the truth, it adds to their experience. And as someone who always fact checks every "based on a true story" movie I watch, I can tell you - when you find a story isn't true, it can bring down the entire experience.

Chicken Cock whisky bottle from the Oscar Getz Museum in Bardstown, KYHow Whiskey Lore Can Help

If you're simply looking to shore up the historical aspect of your tours or you want a deep dive into your brand's whisky past, I can help. If you have listened to the Whiskey Lore podcast or read The Lost History of Tennessee Whiskey, you are aware of three things - my passion for the uncovering the real history of whiskey, my love of crafting fun stories based on these truths, and the wide scope of my knowledge and research. With my knowledge of Scotland and Ireland's traditions along with my focus on traditions all across the United States, I will put things in context. And you will get the most well-rounded research on your brand or family's legacy you can find.

I'll deliver background information and reference footnotes, and if I hit dead-ends, I will communicate so we can determine how far I should keep diving down rabbit holes and which holes I should investigate first. Then, I'll craft a brand history guide to help your marketing department firm up their message; find authentic special release opportunities; or improve your tours with unique and authentic stories. And if there are any potential landmines in your brand's past, I can point those out too, so you can be proactive.

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