Season Six

Irish Whiskey Pt. 17: The Poitín Republic // Baoilleach Distillery

When it came to illicit distilling in the early 1800's, no place held a candle to the Barony of Inishowen.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 16: The Rise of the Poitín Wars // Bushmills

A near death experience almost changes the course of whiskey!

Irish Whiskey Pt. 15: Ghosts of the Irish Rebellion and a Day In Belfast // McConnells

A pivital time in Irish history and the ghosts it produced.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 14: The Undertaker That Kickstarted the Irish Whiskey Industry // McConnell's

Who helped bring Irish Whiskey to the world? It wasn't Jameson, Power's or Roe

Irish Whiskey Pt. 13: Stories In Proof and Gallons // Rademon Estate Distillery

John Quincy Adams' obsession with weights and measures and the impact on Irish whiskey.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 12: What Is The Oldest Distillery In Ireland? // Hinch Distillery

Time to dive into this fascination with being the first or oldest. Can we really determine which Irish whiskey distillery is the oldest?

Irish Whiskey Pt. 11: Nothing Can Be Certain Except Death and Taxes

Where would Irish whiskey be without the excise? I'll take a deep dive into a famous quote and how Irish distillers creatively avoided taxes.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 10: Thin Line Between Patriot and Pirate // Copeland Distillery

A navy strength gin based on a battle off the coast of Copeland Island in the North Channel inspires an episode about a famous, but not well known patriot/pirate.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 9: The Story of the Scots-Irish // Echlinville Distillery

Many Kentucky and Tennessee distilleries give credit to the Scots-Irish for bringing us their whiskey. Who were the Scots-Irish and what impact did they have on American whiskey?

Irish Whiskey Pt. 8: The Smallest Distillery In Ireland // Killowen Distillery

Into Northern Ireland, I leave one of the largest distilleries for one of the smallest. Yet both holding strong reputations.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 7: Who Put the 'E' in Irish Whiskey? // Great Northern Distillery

That pesky "e" in whiskey. Where did it come from? Join me for an investigation and as I taste two historic drams at John Teeling's Great Northern Distillery.

Irish Whiskey Pt. 6: Did the 1785 Malt Tax Lead To Pure Pot Still Whiskey? // Boann Distillery

Did the 1785 Irish Malt Tax lead to the creation of Old Irish Pure Pot Still whiskey?

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