Best-selling Author, Storyteller, and World Whisky Ambassador

drew and jackCelebrating over two decades as an entrepreneur, Drew Hannush is taking the business acumen developed during his 20 years as owner of the Hannush Web Design firm and bringing his drive and passion into the world of whisky.

In 2019, he founded Travel Fuels Life, LLC with an initial mission of teaching people how to live a travel lifestyle. What he learned along the way is that travel needs purpose to be truly fulfilling. It was during these travels that he went on a themed trip to Kentucky so he could learn about Bourbon. After visiting 17 distilleries in Kentucky and two more in Tennessee in eight days, he fell in love with the history, stories, and traditions of whisky distilling. But he also noticed that not all distilleries were telling the same story. His natural curiosity led him to shift from travel to creating the Whiskey Lore podcast. He continued his travels, visiting over 250 distillers in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. This led to the writing of two whisky travel books Experiencing Kentucky Bourbon and Experiencing Irish Whiskey, with more expected in the future.

The success of these two books and his desire to dive deeper into the archives to unearth real whisky history led him into the research for his epic story of a long hidden distilling tradition. The Lost History of Tennessee Whiskey is an epic journey through the 250 year of Tennessee's whisky tradition. It is filled with stories that connect whisky to our greater humanity. It's a book that has Drew Hannush on a mission to uncover more stories, write more books, and bring whisky scholarship to a higher level. And in the process, he will be spreading the word through guided whisky tastings, speaking engagements, and interviews around the globe.

To reach Drew for interviews, tasting and distillery events, or for whisky research projects, visit the Contact page.