Finding the True Stories Behind the Legends and Lore

Drew Hannush holding a whiskey thief in Bushmills warehouseOver the last 200 years, whiskey has literally become the stuff of legends. It seems like everyday a new "old" brand is released and stories are being spun about distillers, events, and the spirits of the past. But are these stories true?

Amazingly, most are not. But it isn't necessarily a brand or marketing department trying to deceiving you. On the contrary, they are simply repeating legends that have been passed down and sometimes made to look legitimate due to their placement in history books.

The problem is, there has been a severe lack of serious scholarship in the world of whiskey, with only a handful of "whiskey historians" going beyond questionable resource. Whiskey history is too deep, rich, and impactful to be tossed out with a cavalier attitude. Whiskey has started wars, been used as currency, created controversies, and helped bring families fortunes. Many of our tax laws were shaped by whiskey and the spirit can tell us countless things about our history as a human race, beyond the bottle. 

It is time to elevate whiskey history beyond lore and bring serious scholarship to the space. Best-selling author Drew Hannush is doing that through his award-winning podcast Whiskey Lore Stories, through interviews with distilling legends, authors, and historians on the Whiskey Lore: The Interviews podcast, by providing deep historical research to whiskey brands and through his writings, by educating whiskey fans through YouTube tastings, and by encouraging fans to explore whiskey through whiskey tourism.

No matter the style, bourbon, scotch, Irish, Japanese, American single malt, Canadian, French, and so on, Whiskey Lore is here to create an honest, entertaining, and enlightened experience through whiskey education and research.

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"To research and relate the true story of whiskey, its brands, and its history in a clear, informative, and impactful way."

About Drew Hannush

Best Selling Author, Podcaster, and Whiskey History Researcher

With over two decades as an entrepreneur, Drew Hannush has a passion for history and finding the truth. For 20 years, his Hannush Web Design agency has been a trusted source for small businesses. Drew is bringing that professionalism and business acumen to whiskey through his passion for history, research, and storytelling. His first two books Experiencing Kentucky Bourbon and Experiencing Irish Whiskey educate and encourage whiskey fans to explore their favorite brands first hand. He is currently working on whiskey history books while helping brands find the truth behind their legends - establishing himself as a trusted source for whiskey history.

On top of his interest in whiskey, Drew is a songwriter and producer of music, and has a passion for travel (which can be seen in Whiskey Lore's sister site Travel Fuels Life).