Season Three

Virginia City: The Big Bonanza (with Legends of the Old West)

When Mark Twain left the Comstock, it realized its biggest boom yet. Hear the tale of the richest place on Earth and the saloon owners who kept Virginia City drinking and entertained.

Virginia City: Miners, Writers, and Whisky (with Legends of the Old West)

Drew Hannush of Whiskey Lore and Chris Wimmer of Legends of the Old West team up to tell the story of Virginia City, Mark Twain, saloons, and whisky.

The Legacy of Jack Daniel and Uncle Nearest (feat Fawn Weaver)

The perfect story for our times. Fawn Weaver, CEO of Uncle Nearest, Inc joins me for an incredible story of discovery that not only created a whiskey distillery, but also a pathway to change.

The Story of Jack Daniel and Uncle Nearest (feat Fawn Weaver of Uncle Nearest)

A New York Times article prompts an author to investigate a story about America's biggest selling whiskey, that had been lost for decades. (Photo Public Domain)

Phylloxera's Effect on Scotch, Cognac, and Texas Whiskey (with Robert Likarish of Ironroot Republic Distillery)

Did the French Wine Blight of the 19th century elevate scotch's reputation?

John Phillip's Dream (with Andy Nelson of Nelson's Green Brier)

The story of an immigrant's dream and his family's whiskey legacy.

Boom and Bust: The Great Pattison Crash

Two brothers greed, scheming, and deception create a lasting effect on the scotch whisky industry.

Who Killed John Barleycorn?

Did a shootout in Nashville between two newspaper men bring on the first statewide prohibition law?

What's in a Name?: Corryvreckan (feat Tom Wylde)

Learning how to pronounce scotch whisky names leads to a story of a violent whirlpool, a maiden, and a knight.

Underestimated (featuring Lori Carcich of Country Smooth Whiskey)

Searching for the first female founders in the whisk(e)y industry.

The Legacy of Old Crow (with David Meier of Glenns Creek Distillery)

So what happened to Old Crow to take it from top seller to bottom shelf dweller?

The Legend of Dr. James C. Crow and His Whiskey

One of the most talked about but least understood legends of American bourbon and the namesake of Old Crow whiskey.