Season Four

Dusty Bottles and "The Wettest Spot in America" (Part 2)

Imagine finding cases and cases of Pre-Prohibition whiskey in a secret vault in your house. I'll tell the story, and Col. E.H. Taylor's whiskey goes home.

Dusty Bottles and "The Wettest Spot in America" (Part 1)

The Los Angeles Times called it the wettest city in America in 1919. It's founder left a lasting legacy and an amazing collection of whiskey.

Juke Joints, Whiskey, and the Blues (Featuring Poe of WABG-AM)

Hunting for the mythical Crossroads and bumping to the man in the know about Juke Joints.

Juke Joints, Whiskey, and the Blues: Memphis to Clarksdale

Join me as I take a trip looking for Juke Joint culture in the Mississippi Delta.

The Fight Inside: The Crossroads of Robert Johnson (Part 2)

Slowly turning inward, even the man who traveled with Robert Johnson for the last couple years of his life, knew little about him.

Whiskey, Death, and the Devil: The Crossroads of Robert Johnson (Part 1)

Was this legendary blues man killed by a jealous husband and a poisoned bottle of whiskey? And what about that crossroads story?

The Life and Times of Washington's Distiller (feat Steve Bashore from Mount Vernon)

A story of taxation, whisky dynasties, and a farmer who talked a retiring president into the world of whisky.

The Whiskey Rebellion: Military, Diplomacy, or Bust? (Part 4)

So did the rebels succeed in getting rid of the dreaded whiskey tax?

The Whiskey Rebellion: Bower Hill (Part 3)

General John Neville finds the rebellion has come to his doorstep.

The Whiskey Rebellion: Danger at The Forks (Part 2)

So what had the farmers of Western Pennsylvania all up in arms?

The Whiskey Rebellion: Seeds of Discontent (Part 1)

Was the Whiskey Rebellion simply a bunch of farmers that didn't want to pay taxes? Hear the real story.