Season Four

Whiskey, Death, and the Devil: The Crossroads of Robert Johnson

Was this legendary blues man killed by a jealous husband and a poisoned bottle of whiskey? And what about that crossroads story?

The Life and Times of Washington's Distiller (feat Steve Bashore from Mount Vernon)

A story of taxation, whisky dynasties, and a farmer who talked a retiring president into the world of whisky.

The Whiskey Rebellion: Military, Diplomacy, or Bust? (Part 4)

So did the rebels succeed in getting rid of the dreaded whiskey tax?

The Whiskey Rebellion: Bower Hill (Part 3)

General John Neville finds the rebellion has come to his doorstep.

The Whiskey Rebellion: Danger at The Forks (Part 2)

So what had the farmers of Western Pennsylvania all up in arms?

The Whiskey Rebellion: Seeds of Discontent (Part 1)

Was the Whiskey Rebellion simply a bunch of farmers that didn't want to pay taxes? Hear the real story.

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