What you don't know can sometimes lead to awkward situations, unnecessary issues, or even expensive mistakes.  Before I took off on a long drive across Europe, I filled my itinerary with some additional notes to make sure I was prepared with each country border I crossed.  Here are some of the important items of note for a trip to Germany.


  • Euros


  • At Restaurants: 10–15 percent to the waiter or bartender—just add it to the bill.
  • At Hotels: One to three euros per bag for the porter; five euros per night for the housekeeper; 20 euros for a helpful concierge.


  • Average Gas Price: 1.25€

Language / Keyphrases


  • Hello / Good Morning: Hallo (ha low) / Guten Morgen (goo tin more gan)
  • Goodbye: Auf Widersehen
  • Thank you: Danke
  • I would like...: I ch mochte (ichh mo ch tuh)
  • Yes, please: ja bitte (yah bi tah)
  • Check please: 

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