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From Toronto to Istanbul - the Ex-Pat Experience (Ep. 4)

I met Christopher during a bus ride from the race track at Watkins Glen in NY, and his life of travel through 79 countries and 5 continents fascinated me. In this episode I use this opportunity to talk with him more about his hometown and his experience living in Istanbul, Turkey.

Here are some additional things we discuss:

  • The multi-cultural Toronto
  • How Christopher's traveling began
  • Time In Ireland
  • Why the Olympics are more exciting
  • Refuting prejudice and getting to know the people and how it helps his writing
  • 2014-2017 in Istanbul, Turkey and how he got there
  • Digging into Chris' hockey Turkish super league
  • Learning Turkish as a plus to knowing the country
  • Now embedded in a culture, how do you look at tourists?
  • Places to visit in Turkey
  • Some beautiful phrases in Turkish
  • Showing respect for a culture via language
  • What is the current state of security in Turkey?
  • Leadership impact or lack of leadership
  • Great quote from Aldous Huxley
  • Ways to connect with Chris

Show Resources

Additional Notes

  • Watkins Glen is a racetrack in New York that once hosted Formula 1 and continues to host a NASCAR road course race.
  • ESL - English as a Second Language
  • Duolingo (Language Learning Website)
  • Raki (Turkish drink of choice)

Toronto Neighborhoods

  • Little India
  • The Danforth (Greek)
  • Chinatown 1
  • Chinatown 2
  • Social Atlas

Turkish Towns

  • Izmir
  • Erzurum


  • Bodrum
  • Fethiye
  • Marmaris
  • Kos


  • Ephesus (Ancient Ruins)

Other Cities and Areas


  • Ferry Chimneys
  • Hot Air Balloon Riding

More Pure Turkish

  • Trabzon
  • Çeşme
  • Adana


  • Haiga Sophia Museum
  • Basilica Cistern (From Russia With Love location)
  • Blue Mosque

Review of Christopher's time in Istanbul

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Hybernate In Style (Global Mail)

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