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How To Be A Financially Savvy Traveler (Ep. 7)

One of the most important resources to have at your disposal if you want to travel is money. This week, I talk with Danielle Desir of the Thought Card about setting a budget, gaming cheap flights, strategies for pulling the trigger on travel and dealing with debt. We'll also discuss:

  • What is a financially savvy traveler?
  • Financial role model
  • Financial independence movement
  • How to pull the trigger on great deal
  • Having a travel fund
  • Travel Insurance
  • Planning
  • Using Sygic Travel Planner and Pinterest
  • Free Things to Do
  • Best ways to get around
  • Advantage of bus tours
  • Solo travel vs group travel
  • The theory of "once in a lifetime"
  • Taking about credit card responsibility
  • Having a travel goal with a credit card
  • Making a financial plan for your destination
  • Validating purchasing decisions
  • The advantage of having a budget
  • Dealing with student loan debt
  • Strategies for paying off debt
  • Moving to longer trips
  • Travel to Puerto Rico
  • Why isn't finance taught in high school?
  • Back to Budgeting Basics Course (coming in 2019)

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