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Doing a Road Trip in an Electric Car (Ep. 3)

Ever wonder how long it would be before you could seriously take an electric vehicle on a long road trip?  So did I. But in this episode we talk to someone who has done it and done it in style.

We'll talk with Joe Hackman, new and happy Tesla owner about:

  • How was the quality experience of driving an electronic car (Tesla specifically) on a long road trip
  • What was the Tesla buying experience like?
  • Joe talks about the things he likes about the car itself
  • Tesla EV vs Porsche sports car (comparing power and handling)
  • Elon Musk's Spinal Tap feature
  • Old school car design and a compelling future
  • Joe's sales pitch for Tesla (Elon, if you'd like to make a donation to the show...wink!)
  • Range fatigue (and planning for a 3000+ mile road trip in an EV)
  • Maintaining the battery
  • Joe's "Why" for his longest day's drive and how many miles it was
  • Navigate on Auto-Pilot (yes, the car driving itself)
  • A couple lessons learned
  • How long was Joe's longest day on the road?
  • How frequently recharges were necessary, how long to charge, and how to spend the time.
  • Music that relates to a trip, and songs that will get you in trouble.
  • The coast highways vs I-5 in California
  • Renting a Tesla (see below)
  • Windows OS vs car with OS

Show Resources

Joe Hackman's Contact Information

Tesla Information

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Other Election Vehicles
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Renting an Electric Car
Sixt is a car rental company that offers multiple all-electric cars


What Happens When You Fall Asleep Driving a Tesla on Auto-Pilot

Here is a view of it on YouTube. The car just slows down in the lane and stops while beeping at you.

View the answer on Quora

Spinal Tap Movie Clip (Taking it to 11)

Great Road Tunes

Travel Fuels Life is not responsible for any tickets incurred from speeding to this music!

Blue Highway - Billy Idol

Force Ten - Rush

Depeche Mode - Violator (Album)

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