Ep. 73 - From Maryland Rye to New York Cocktail Culture to Navy Strength Gin

NEW YORK DISTILLING // Co-founder Allen Katz

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Show Notes

I jump into my discussion with New York Distilling's co-founder Allen Katz. Starting out in Baltimore, it's no surprise that Allen would find rye whiskey as his passion, but the surprise was - he went to New York City to start a distillery. But before then, he spent life as a bartender in the revitalized cocktail culture of New York. So today we'll talk rye whiskey, cocktails and even find out why the British used to have a different proofing system that we do in the US.

Items we'll discuss:

  • How a heist helped choose Allen's destiny
  • Bringing Maryland to New York City
  • Working with farmers and specific rye varietals
  • Does a cocktail need a complex rye?
  • The early days of the New York cocktail culture
  • The staple rye whiskies for any bartender
  • Differences in character between warehouses
  • Tasting Ragtime Rye
  • The winter hot toddy
  • The Empire Rye designation
  • The idea of an urban distillery in New York City
  • Getting help from others
  • Gin and New York's other Matthew Perry
  • Navy Strength gin's history and gunpowder
  • The basis for the old British proofing system
  • Tasting Ragtime Rye Bottled-in-Bond
  • The origins of Rock and Rye
  • Tasting the Single Barrel

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