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225 Dee Head Road
New Haven, KY
Log Still Distillery
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About Log Still Distillery

(October 2022 and May 2023 Visits)

At one time, the little town of New Hope boasted ten distilleries. Most were lost when a whiskey trust came through the area buying up distilleries and shutting them down. After Prohibition, the Dant family returned to distilling, but eventually a Bourbon depression and loss of the railroad shut them down. Today, cousins Wally, Lynne, and Charles Dant have revived their family's distilling legacy with the creation of the Log Still Distillery. Built on the same grounds their ancestors distilled on, its a chance to catch the spirit and pride of one of the early powerhouse families in Kentucky Bourbon's history.

After a beautiful drive through the countryside to get to the distillery, you are welcomed by a historic refurbished watertower and the incorporation of a visually attractive distillery nestled between historic homes that now serve as bed and breakfasts. During the walk to the tasting room, you will catch site of The Amp, the 2,200 seat amphitheater and the old Gethsemane Train Depot that has been refurbished and again hosts trains coming in from New Haven.

The tour begins outside with a review of the history of the Dant family and the distilling legacy that goes back to 1830. Then, elements of the sprawling campus are revealed, including the event center known as The Legacy, and the historic homes which all have ties to the Dant family. After a thorough review, the tour continues inside with a review of the distilling process from milling to fermenting to distilling. The impressive 34 foot column still makes for a great photo opportunity. During my tour I was offered a chance to "wake the dog" by having pure distillate put in my hands so I could experience evolution of scents simply by smacking my hands together. The tour concluded with a tasting of two gins and two whiskeys. It's highly recommended to book ahead for this tour.

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