Woodford Reserve Distillery


7785 McCracken Pike
Versailles, KY 40383
Woodford Reserve Distillery
  • Woodford Reserve Distillery
Woodford Reserve

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About Woodford Reserve Distillery

If you are looking for a distillery dripping with bourbon history, Woodford Reserve will fit the bill. Starting its life as the Old Oscar Pepper Distillery in 1838, one of its first employees was Scottish chemist Dr. James C. Crow. The stocks of Old Crow produced here in the first half of the nineteenth century became legendary. But his main contribution to bourbon was the perfecting of the sour mash process that helped Kentucky corn whiskey overcome its issues with consistency. The main part of the distillery dates back to those early days.

The tour starts in the Visitor’s Center and moves by bus to the main distillery. It may depend on your particular guide, but we had one of the most thorough and understandable presentations of the distillation process anywhere in Kentucky. Add to that the pristine nature of the distillery, the beautiful campus, and the triple pot stills, and Woodford Reserve is a jewel.  

After stepping through the production facility, you have time to smell the angel’s share in one of their historic warehouses. The tour concludes in the Visitor’s Center with a guided tasting and chocolate pairing.

As seen in "Experiencing Kentucky Bourbon."

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